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about HKOMIA

Formerly known as The Hong Kong Photographic and Optics Manufacturers Association (HKPOMA), The Hong Kong Opto-Mechatronics Industries Association (HKOMIA) has successfully been renamed in 2010 for better serving our members and coordinating with the industry. From the past twenty year’s continuous effort, HKOMIA has assisted many Hong Kong industrialists who are interested in optics and opto-mechatronics industry to explore, diversify into the business and to develop a close network and collaboration relationship with mainland China and overseas industries as well as related organizations. HKOMIA members heavily engaged in the high value-added manufacturing activities including opto-mechatronics design, manufacturing and business investment.


  • ‧To foster the communication, interaction and co-operation among members and to establish liaison with and convey the collective opinions to the government, industrial or trade associations.

  • ‧To serve the interest, build up the reputation and promote the image and capabilities of Hong Kong’s opto-mechatronics industry.

  • ‧To assist in upgrading the technology, engineering, and management skills of the industry so as to improve its performance and enhance its competitiveness in the international market.

  • ‧To establish contacts with overseas organizations of similar nature and to provide platforms for members to develop business relationships with overseas buyers and potential joint venture partners.

關於 香港光機電行業協會

香港光機電行業協會於一九九九年成立(前稱香港攝影及光學製造業協會),旨在推廣香港光機電的發展及加強本港光機電工業廠商整體的市場競爭力。經過二年的努力 ,香港光機電行業協會成功協助有興趣投入光機電工業發展的本地工業家,探索及開拓光機電工業業務;並與國內及海外光機電工業界和有關機構建立緊密的聯繫及合作關係。香港光機電行業協會目前擁有從事光機電設計、製造及投資等高增值活動的會員。


  • ‧促進會員間之溝通、交流及合作,與政府機構、工業及貿易團體建立聯繫及反映協會的集體意見。

  • ‧為香港光機電工業謀求利益,建立及推廣同業的聲譽、形象及能力。

  • ‧協助提升同業在科技、工程及管理上的技能,改進業務表現和提升在國際市場上的競爭力。

  • ‧與海外及內地同業機構進行接觸,並提供機會予會員與海外買家及有潛力的商業伙伴發展業務合作。

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